Leg locks seminar with professor Kemal

The last weekend was quite busy about NoGi, Professor Kemal from Absolute MMA Shanghai visited us with his 3 days seminar. The topic of the seminar was related to leg locks, how to defend and how to counterattack. The guys from Absolute MMA spend most of their time studying and practicing all kinds of variations of leg attacks and how to find a way out of a critical situation. Quite a useful seminar, everyone who attended, we believe that they were satisfied with the seminar, but those who missed the seminar, it's okay, there are still quite a few seminars and events ahead. Below we will present information about Professor Kemal:

Kemal Akagunduz

Lachlan Giles black belt since 2019
Co-founder and head coach of Absolute MMA Shanghai 2018
Founder of Warzone Jiu jitsu academy in Shanghai 2016
2020 AJP Shanghai champion
2021 Beijing No gi champion
2021 UFC PI 5v5 grappling tournament champion
Multiple medals in China and Asia white to brown belt.
Worked with multiple Chinese UFCathletes as grappling coach such as Li Jing Liang, Song Kenan, Hu Yao Zong and few more upcomingfighters.