Professor Yunus came to us

This person is one of the first foreigners who started training in China and received a black belt. In addition to the fact that Professor Yunus is a media personality, the head coach at SHBJJ, he also has many victories at various Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments behind his back, let's list some of them
* Abu Dhabi World Pro Championship Gold Medal
* IBJJF Asian Open Champion x2
* Multiple Times Champion of China (Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong) and Asian countries (Korea, Philippines)
Yunus arrived with a three-day seminar, the program of which included both training in the Gi, there and in the legs.
The professor, in his seminar, paid special attention to the fundamental things, so to speak, the "base", that beginners like to skip so much and strive to move on to studying some fashionable, more complex techniques that they see on social networks.
The professor paid attention to the analysis of such basics as
* DLR and Collar sleeve
* Recovery system
* IBJJF Leg Lock system
The professor paid special attention to the details of restoring the guard, not by leaving any position, but restoring the guard even before the opponent takes a dominant position. In our opinion, this is the most important aspect in Brazilian jiu jitsu, by understanding and honing which, you will achieve certain heights in Brazilian jiu Jitsu!