Did you order Berimbolo?

From a teenager who was mocked and bullied by his peers, from an excellent student of one of the prestigious top universities in China, he refused the position and career of one of the major banks and became one of the best top athletes of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in China and will easily compete outside China. Welcome to the four-day seminar from Professor Yuan Yi.

Yuan And black belt from Professor Takeo Tani since 2019. He has an impressive track record and awards, an active athlete, owner, and head coach at Galaxy Jiu-Jitsu. Also, he has 3 MMA victories in his arsenal, in the well-known One FC promotion.

The professor came to us with a four-day seminar and shared his secrets.
The seminar program included 2 training sessions in the Gi, the Berimbolo theme and 2 training sessions in NoGi, the Overhook attack theme.

A little information about Berimbolo, this is a relatively new technique, such a concept as New School Jiu-Jitsu. And quite quickly many athletes of different levels liked it, and this technology has proven itself very highly and proved its effectiveness. An example of this, the Miao brothers, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champions, Berimbolo is the basis of any transitions and attacks of brothers.

You can make different attacks, change positions, sweeps, take dominant positions and all of this thanks to Berimbolo.

Many thanks to Professor Yuan Yi for the detailed seminar.