Coach XieXiaoxiang, two-day seminar
19.09.2022, 21.09.2022

Coach Xie Xiaoxiang, brown belt, visited us with his two-day seminar. This seminar based on basic, so it’s was highly recommend for beginners and good to refresh memory for advanced students as well
Professor Saulo visit out gym with his 3 days seminar

Saulo is the Fitness Director of UFC FIT's Flagship in Shanghai, PRC and the Head Coach of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program.
Professor Yunus came to us

This person is one of the first foreigners who started training in China and received a black belt. In addition to the fact that Professor Yunus is a media personality, the head coach at SHBJJ, he also has many victories at various Brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments behind his back.
Wrestling or Jiu Jitsu?

He became a national wrestling champion at the age of 15. He successfully manages to adopt wrestling for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The New Year's seminar from Rustam Boboev is perhaps the best confirmation of this.
What about Lapel Game?

TTBJJ glad to introduce for you 3 days seminars from Professor Marco Alvarado!
Marco is a high-level black belt under well-known black belt Lucas Leiti. Marco is head coach of Checkmat academy in Hangzhou.
Seminar with Jozef in TTBJJ

Jozef Chen, 17 years old.
He started his BJJ journey in August 2018. For now, he is high level purple belt from Nanjing BJJ. Jozef under Guillaume Leclerc, brown belt, and the head coach of Nanjing BJJ.
Did you order Berimbolo?

From a teenager who was mocked and bullied by his peers, from an excellent student of one of the prestigious top universities in China, he refused the position and career of one of the major banks and became one of the best top athletes of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in China and will easily compete outside China. Welcome to the four-day seminar from Professor Yuan Yi.
Leg locks seminar with professor Kemal

The last weekend was quite busy about NoGi, Professor Kemal from Absolute MMA Shanghai visited uswith his 3 days seminar. The topic of the seminar was related to leg locks, how to defend and how to counterattack.